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Avoid disqualification and check your uniform for inter-club competition - click here for details.

Summary: Make sure you have the number on front, age badge left arm, IGA badge right arm.  If you do not have the correct uniform for inter-club competition, you may be disqualified.  This information is to help you avoid this.



5.2.1 When presenting to the Marshaling or Competition arena, all athletes must be attired in correct Centre uniform as approved by LAQ.

5.2.2 IGA Registration numbers are to be affixed to the front of the uniform top.

5.2.3 The McDonalds age label is to be affixed to the left shirt sleeve or an approved position on left hand side.

5.2.4 IGA patch affixed to the right sleeve or front high right side of shirt chest.

5.2.5 The minimum specification for the sleeve area is to be of sufficient size to cover the shoulder and deltoid muscular area.

5.2.6 Collars must be designed to ensure that the neckline of the shirt/ bodysuit is high and narrow enough to provide sun safe protection for the nape and chest area of the athlete.

5.2.7 Bodysuits should be styled to cover as much of the body as possible. The body of the suit should be one piece and provide cover to the shoulders. Bike pants should be worn with the bodysuit or be incorporated as a uni-tard.

5.2.8 The shirt must overlap the bike pants / shorts / skirt by not less than 10cm.

5.2.9 Uniform bottoms are defined as bike pants / compression garments, sports shorts (suitable for Track & Field), netball skirt (with sports briefs / bike pants / compression garments under).

a) Bike pants / skins shall be above knee length. Full length will not be acceptable.

b) Bike pants / compression garments shall extend a reasonable length down the legs covering the buttocks and the upper thigh.

c) If boys choose to wear bike pants / compression garments as part of their uniform, they must wear sports shorts over the top. Bike pants / compression garments on their own are not acceptable for boys.

d) Bike pants / compression garments may be worn under shorts as long as they are the correct uniform bottom colour (e.g. if uniform bottom colour is red, bike pants / compression

garments must be red). If the correct uniform bottom colour is not available, then the bike

pants / compression garments must be all black. Coloured stitching is permissible.

LAQ Competition Handbook

Updated July 2011 10

e) Any logos on uniform shorts that do not follow the SunSafe and Uniform policy guidelines will be taped, or the athletes will be asked to remove them.

f) Socks are not considered part of the Centre uniform.

g) Failure to comply with this will lead to the athlete not being allowed to enter the

competition arena. For further details, refer to the SunSafe and Uniform Policies.

5.2.10 If an athlete is found to be out of uniform on the arena, the following procedure is to be followed:

a) The athlete is not to be approached during competition.

b) The appropriate official will complete uniform warning form, which will be handed to the


c) The Announcer will then call the team manager of that particular Centre and a warning will

be issued to the Centre. A follow up letter will be issued post the competition.

d) If the athlete is not in correct uniform e.g., bike pants rolled down, incorrect coloured

shorts, the Team Manager will be asked to ensure that the discrepancy is fixed. The Team

Manager, and the athlete in correct uniform, are to report to the Announce before his /her

next event.

e) If the athlete is reported to be on the arena a second time for not being in correct uniform

the athlete may be disqualified.

f) If an athlete arrives at the Track Marshall area and is found to be out of uniform, the athlete

will be ask to return to the Team Manager and endeavour to change into the correct Centre

uniform. If the infringement is due to a logo, the logo may be covered with tape at the

marshaling area.


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Download this file (Uniform Policy_Oct 2011.pdf)Uniform Policy_Oct 2011.pdf[ ]45 Kb

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